About The Classes

We have a range of different class styles, lengths and formats to cater for all yogis – young or old, experienced or newly beginning.

26+2 Hot Yoga:

This 90 minute class uses the same pranayama (2 breathing exercises) and static asana sequence (26 postures) featured in traditional Hot Yoga styles within a heated environment of 38 degrees.

Energising Flow:

This 60 minute class is a fusion of asanas from traditional hatha yoga and set sequences from our 26 + 2 classes. Heat fusion blends strength and flexibility training in a supportive heated environment of 34 degrees, flowing between an ever changing range of static and dynamic poses.

Roll and Relax:

A relaxing blend of yoga and pilates suitable for all levels to release tension through the use of props and breath work. This class focuses on safe and effective exercises to stretch and balance the body. The session is completed with a guided relaxation.

Relaxing Yoga Flow:

A gentle blend of slow flow and yin poses, this class moves the mind and body into a place of peaceful reflection. It is a 60 minute gift to the calm yogi within.

Deep Stretch:

This 60 minute class is a journey into a world of calming breath work and deep muscular release. Slow flowing, long held poses merge with focused breath work to ease the mind and reset the body

Do you have a question about which yoga class is right for you? Send us a message letting us know and we will contact you to see how we can help. 

Nervous about stepping onto the mat for the first time? We offer private classes if you feel more comfortable in a one-on-one practice environment.