Saturday 26th October – 6:45pm-8:20pm

Poetry is a medium for communication, the same way that air is a medium for sound-waves to travel. Poetry allows for the communication of an individual with the deeper aspects of themselves and with others through the written and spoken-word.

Can you write poetry? Of course you can. Anyone can write poetry. This workshop will give you the tools for how to write GOOD poetry and help you connect to how to make your writing engaging, abstract, creative, and powerful to the reader/listener.

Education and reading material will be provided.

Time will be allotted for discussion, writing, or editing/working on previously-written material. Guidance will be available and encouraged throughout the process.

A session will be held at the end in the form of a casual Open-Mic/Sharing Session for anyone who would like to share something that they have written.

I would like to emphasize that this will be a casual affair. If you play an instrument (guitar, hang- drum, etc.) and think that you might enjoy trying to provide a musical backdrop to another members’ words… This is a creative affair and experimentation and a bit of flare can add some fun to the process. If you would like to read a piece of poetry that is written by someone else (professional or non-professional), please feel free.
And of course… you can expect good company, a beautiful atmosphere, and a welcoming environment for you to inspire your creative development!