We have a range of different class styles, lengths and formats to cater for all yogis – young or old, experienced or newly beginning.

26+2 Hot Yoga:

This heated (38 degrees) 60 minute class uses the same 2 pranayama (breathing exercises) and 26 static (postures held for  up to 60 seconds) poses every class. It is a challenging practice that offers the biggest gains in flexibility, strength and calorie burning.  A must try for athletically minded people who are keen to test their limits on a yoga mat.

Heated Energising Flow:

This 60 minute class is a fusion of asanas from traditional hatha yoga and set sequences from our 26 + 2 classes. Heat fusion blends strength and flexibility training in a supportive heated environment of 34 degrees, flowing between an ever changing range of static and dynamic poses.

Gentle Core:

Combining the energising core strengthening of pilates with the relaxing stretches and breath work of yoga, this class will centre you into the present moment. Toning the body while calming your mind, this class can also offer relief for those who experience back pain.

Relaxing Yoga Flow:

A gentle blend of slow flow and yin poses, this class moves the mind and body into a place of peaceful reflection. It is a 60 minute gift to the calm yogi within.

Yin Yoga:

A slower paced style which consists of poses/postures being held for longer. It was developed to penetrate deeply into the fascia, the connective tissue, ligaments and tendons rather than the muscles. By doing so, you expand flexibility whilst invigorating the energy centers of the body to release blockages and negativity. Yin typically focuses on hips, pelvis and lower spine, a must for anyone who sits all day. Incorporated with breathing exercises, a great way to de-stress and calm your mind.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice using verbal instruction and visualisation, allowing you to achieve a deep state of relaxation whilst remaining fully conscious. Somewhere between waking and sleeping, the body is relaxed, allowing the mind to turn inwards, to become increasingly aware of your inner self. This practice can help to reduce tension/anxiety symptoms and has been used to treat soldiers from war cope with PTSD.

Yoga Nidra/Meditation:

Combining seated and supine yoga postures and Yoga Nidra meditation practice, this dreamy 60-minute class helps dissolve the stress of the day and moves the mind and body into a deeply relaxed state.

Do you have a question about which yoga class is right for you? Send us a message letting us know and we will contact you to see how we can help. 

Nervous about stepping onto the mat for the first time? We offer private classes if you feel more comfortable in a one-on-one practice environment.