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The Barefoot Night of Inspiration is a night to help you discover, connect and create your dreams, goals and passions.

Held at the Bargara studio from 6PM-8PM on the 5th of May, Deb Cassie of Wired 4 Success Life Coaching and Katie Laurie of Happiness Yoga will present practical talks and activities that will help you take action to move you forward towards achieving your desired result.

What Motivates You? Deb will discuss how to uncover hidden motivators and harness them to achieve more of what you want.

The Truth About Fears – Katie will talk on the silent assassin in your life and the secret to harnessing it for success.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who suspects that there is a better way to help maximise their life stories.
  • Anyone who needs their inspiration bucket filled.
  • Anyone who has a journey that they are hestitating to take the first step towards.
  • Anyone that is feeling stuck in moving towards their goals.

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