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Small business is a tough gig.

Coming together, sharing the triumphs and the struggles and connecting with your tribe of fellow business owners can make a big difference to your morale (not to mention profits).

Barefoot Business nights are aimed at providing a safe space for businesses to learn, share and grow together.

Social Media Masterclass

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is an intergral part of every businesses toolkit. This masterclass teaches you how to harness Facebook and Instagram to promote your business and build customer loyalty, engagement and sales.
The Rules of Social Media Business Marketing are changing!
Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms are constantly evolving and it pays to keep on top of the game rules. Are you still getting the most out of your current social media marketing strategy?
Our Instagram and Facebook professionals are here to help your small business stay current with the many iterations and evolutions of the most powerful marketing tool you have to connect with your customer base.


Tim Sayre

Tim SayreTim has been involved in marketing for the last 15 years and for the last 6 years, focused on delivering marketing success through Facebook.

In the last year alone his marketing agency, Augmented Reality Marketing, has helped over 130 businesses to improve their reach and increase their bottom line.

He has proven it many times to his clients that Facebook is an essential marketing channel for business and, when used properly, can have a significant, positive impact on business, regardless of the sector, business or age of the owner.

He is a father, grandfather and husband and thanks to them, has no idea what free time is!

Katarina Wurzbacher

Katarina WurzbacherI’m Katarina, your kickass, business savvy Social Media Manager!

I help entrepreneurs live their passion by providing Social Media Services, content management and blogging for small businesses, companies, organisations, and busy executives.

I’m here to guide women in business through the nitty-gritty, boring everyday jobs and give them time to do the things that set their souls on fire!







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