Friday 2nd August, 5:30pm-7pm @ Happiness Yoga

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We live in a time of abundance and isolation. Although many of us have so much, many individuals still feel a loss of deep connection and a sense of belonging to community. Happiness Yoga is changing that.
Closeness to others comes from shared vulnerability, from opening ourselves to others through a bond of deeper understanding. How well do you really know your neighbour, your barista or the friendly face next to you at yoga? Surface level interactions or ‘small talk’ fail to nourish our souls exactly because they lack investment of our true selves. To get to know who someone really is, we need to examine beyond superficial layers and permeate the nature of their hopes, dreams and fears. We have to get vulnerable people!

Coffee and Conversations is a night designed to foster these deeper interactions. Coffee and snacks will be freely available to sample throughout the night as we begin to really talk to (and more importantly, to listen to) the people we see everyday but have yet to really ‘know’. On entry, all participants will be provided with a list of 36 questions, taken from the viral New York Times article, The 36 Questions That Lead to Love.

Questions and hot brew in hand, all participants are invited to find a conversation partner and begin to learn more about their new best friend. Questions are divided into 3 sets, each set more probing and rich in texture to create a bridge to the values, experiences and beliefs that shape our authentic beings. We invite participants to ask at least 3 questions, sharing their answers turn by turn, moving from the easily answered set 1 questions to the more profound set 3 questions. There are no rules, only opportunities to create new connections and lasting friendships.

We request a $5 donation to help cover the cost of our coffee/snacks. Book your spot here and please RSVP with your plant based/dairy milk option to katie @ and any special requests (i.e. Coffee isn’t my thing but turmeric lattes are my jam. I love almond milk and puppies)

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