Starting something new is challenging.

Having a calm and gentle introduction to a new wellness practice can be the difference between changing your health for the better or getting overwhelmed and losing motivation. 

Happiness Yoga is here to help!

Our new 8 week Beginners Yoga Journey will guide you into your yoga practice with a fun and easy approach to learning the basics of yoga. You will finish the course feeling equipped to step onto a yoga mat with confidence, joyful anticipation and poise. 

Covering the main elements, key yoga poses, breathing techniques and the historical underpinnings of yogic philosophy, you will develop a broad understanding of the practise of yoga.

Every Thursday at 1:30PM starting the 22nd of April, the Beginners Yoga Journey will be limited in class size to ensure plenty of time for individual attention and assistance. There will be opportunities to ask questions and connect with others starting their yoga journey. 

8 week Program Structure

Week 1: Introduction to Yoga and The Power of the Breath
Week 2: Building Your Base – Feet, Hips and Spine Alignment in Standing Poses
Week 3: Tone and Turn your Centre – Core and Twisting Focus
Week 4: Balancing Upon the Earth – Building Stability
Week 5: The Seat of Your Power – Hip Opening Practices
Week 6: Building Courage and Opening the Heart – Backbends and Chest Openers 
Week 7: Yin Yoga, Meridians and the Power of Stillness
Week 8: Motion and Mindfulness – Finding your Flow State

For more information about this course and whether it will suit you: 

– Email 
– Call us on 0447785857 
– or drop into the studio to say hello (15 minutes before class is your best opportunity to catch us!)