Sunday 18 July, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Elliott Heads Hall, 1 Lihs St Elliott Heads

What to bring: Pillow, blanket, water bottle

The Universe Has Your Back Meditation 

Based on the works of Gabby Bernstein 

    In order to live a fully present, directional and heartfelt life, we first must release the blocks to what we long for most. Learning to relinquish control and exercise faith allows us to move into flow and alignment with our true selves.

    Meditation, visualisation and suggestion have the power to rewire our cerebral networks, suppressing the reactionary areas of the mind and stimulating the prefrontal cortex, the most evolved part of our brain.

    Making the transition from fear to faith empowers us to dream big, believe in our gifts and move towards them without hesitation. This meditation provides the framework for making the shift.

    The structure of the session will be 15 of minutes activating breathwork, 30 minutes meditation and 45 minutes of sound healing.

    The sound healing session will use a complete set of 8 pure Quartz Crystal bowls which comprise a musical scale ranging from low C to high C. Each bowl is tuned to a specific frequency/note that correlates with our chakras, meridians, colours, spoken tones and sacred geometries.

    The bowls are made of 99% pure quartz crystal. The human body consists of a liquid crystalline structure. Hence the bowls speak the frequency of every cell in our body on a cellular and DNA level. These beautiful instruments will be combined with a singing chalice, specifically tuned for the heart chakra, F note 425 hertz. The chalice works with higher heart consciousness, higher heart healings and activations.

    The inner child meditation will be led by Katie Laurie.

    The sound healing session will be led by Karen Betts.