Sunday 18th July,  9.30am – 11:00am

Elliott Heads Hall, 1 Lihs St Elliott Heads

What to bring: Drink bottle, towel

During this one and a half hour workshop, you will learn:

  • The Who – Is EFT right for you? Can it help you overcome your personal obstacles, achieve your goals and transform areas of your life that are resistant to change?
    (Spoiler alert! Yes to all of the above) 
  • The What – What is emotional freedom technique? Where did it come from? Who is already accessing this powerful, available and free form of ancient technology? What other forms of therapy and schools of medicine does it draw from?
  • The When – How to use EFT/Tapping for food cravings, procrastination, insomnia, pain management, emotional regulation, anxiety and depression 
  • The Why – Understand the science behind why emotional freedom technique is so powerful by learning how it leads to physiological changes in hormone regulation and elevates positive feelings, moods and thoughts 
  • The How – the practical steps to utilising energy medicine to release mental blocks, reduce harmful stress chemicals in the body and unlock your full potential 

Tapping is an amazing, scientifically validated and readily accessible method for hacking the mind/body/energy connection and creating lasting change. 

In the space of a morning, you can develop the necessary understanding and practical skills to begin EFT to transform your life today.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge of EFT to attend and benefit from this workshop. 

Seating will be provided.